Thursday, 15 October 2015

Seacreme skincare to help aid the skin's natural healing process

I really love the sound of these products and will be ordering some when I run out of my usual moisturiser - and they have a great story too. Infused with sea mineral fragrance and sea salt, Seacreme products work with the skin's natural healing process.

The revolutionary new range of day and night creams has been developed by Seacreme founder Jane Healy, who drew her inspiration from the organic power of the ocean. Now an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Jane's journey to the launch of Seacreme has been a challenging one. At the age of nine, she suffered life-threatening third-degree burns following an accident with a methylated spirit stove, in which 75% of her body was burned.

During her long journey to recovery, Jane discovered the healing properties of the sea. Unable to find a cream that could replicate these rejuvenating powers, Jane has worked with her daughter Laura to create the Seacreme range, which offers the ultimate in hydration and refreshment for all skin types.

Perfect as a base for makeup, these easily absorbed creams will become an essential and simple part of your daily beauty routine. There are lots of different products to choose from and prices seem quite reasonable at £21 for a skincream.

You can buy Seacreme products at

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