Thursday, 22 January 2015

Another week goes by and it's okay

So Tuesday came and went. It was a little frustrating getting my chemo booked in as the NHS have been brilliant thus far in their processes but it does tend to go a bit tits up (if you'll pardon the pun given my breast problems) if you are being referred to a different hospital. Thanks once again is due to my brilliant breast cancer nurses who chased up the paperwork and reassured me that all would be fine and dandy.

I decided to get organised while I wait for my chemo to start, being proactive is a real help as I feel I am actually doing something positive. The law of sod has made it that my best friend since forever is getting married for the first time in three weeks. Just in time for my hair to come out by the handful. Oh joy! My oncologist doesn't believe in the cold cap which can save your hair, as he believes in treating the whole body and doesn't want to miss out even my scalp. I'm in agreement - can you imagine hanging onto your hair through vanity and cancer cells lurking in your hair follicles? It's unlikely but I'm with him on not taking the risk and a friend who did use the cold cap lost two thirds of her hair anyway and ended up with a buzz cut. In her words 'it just wasn't worth it'. So not wanting to look like a cat with mange or at best Sigourney Weaver in Alien, I have spoken to a lovely hairdresser in Highgate, North London who is on standby to cut and style a wig for me as soon as my hair falls out. As I cannot know when this is I have decided to borrow the old man's clippers in a couple of weeks (so the weekend before the wedding) and give myself a number 1 all over. Then I will be whisking myself off to her salon for a new head of hair - if Joan Collins can do it so can I.

I was also recommended (by a couple of friends) to check out Suburban Turban who are a fine outfit specialising in bespoke hats, scarves and turbans for those experiencing hair-loss. I ordered a beautifully soft and well fitting beret style hat which I am so pleased with - I can wear it indoors and out and because of the shape it covers up all the areas I will need. I'm so pleased with it I can't see it being my only purchase! It's called Jem and was £20 which is a bargain as it is beautifully made.

I actually look really cute in this - I will add pictures when I have them. I have also painted my nails a very dark colour - chemo can damage them when in contact with daylight and the nurses have advised me to keep them well polished the whole time - well that will be a first! I am grateful it's still winter and hats and dark nail polish is not out of place.

 Chemo starts tomorrow. Following the advise of my friend Claire I will power through.

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