Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Organic Wyld Wood Cider provides the perfect summer drink

Coincidence is a very strange thing...

We went away a weekend or so ago to visit really old friends who have given up their North London house and lifestyle for one of countryside and winding lanes. Well they are on a main road but they do back onto nothing but fields and they have the Malvern Hills as a view from the window so the main road is not really a big deal.

They have moved to a village with a duckpond complete with ducks, a fantastic butchers (apparently) and a pub. They would never have moved there if it hadn't been for the pub, mind you, as they are real pub goers so it wasn't long before (and after a long walk through the fields) we paid said pub a visit. Wanting to try something a bit different the husband opted for the local cider on draught and after bringing back the gleaming pint from the bar we all wished we'd done the same. Sparkling, fruity, ice-cold it made our drinks seem not quite so thirst quenching.

We got back from our trip on the Sunday night, so imagine my surprise when I took delivery on Tuesday from a case of samples from the same company, Wyld Wood Cider! I had completely forgotten that I had asked to try a bottle (or two) but was greeted by a few boxes of still cider and some bottles of the sparkling - what a treat!

Wyld Wood Cider is organic and certified as such. It is fully matured  in old oak barrels so is very fruity and full flavoured - and the sparkling variety chilled in the fridge is the perfect replacement to an ice cold beer (or so I found). Not the say that the boxed version isn't also a gorgeous drink on a hot day, it's just different and slips down just as easily.

 The company has been making cider with traditional methods since the 1880's so it really is a 'heritage' British cider and I urge you to try some. You can even cook with it and is also a great accompaniment to dishes such as a pork roast or barbecue. Check out their recipes on the Wyld Wood site.

They are also the official cider at Jamie Oliver and Alex James' Big Feastival, the foodie and musical festival in the Cotswolds that plays host to some 15,000 people. So visit them and try it for yourself - the Festival runs from 29th - 31st August 2014.

You can buy it directly online from Wyld Wood or from Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose. There is both an apple and pear version available.

Check out their social media pages here too

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