Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Matcha tea is about to be brought to the masses and it tastes good!

Vivid founder James Shillcock

I don't drink tea as a rule. Well not teas that actually taste of tea - like Yorkshire Tea or builders tea. I don't rule out peppermint on a hot summer's day or a honey and lemon tea when I'm not feeling 100% but that's as far as it goes. Everyone in the office (health conscious lot that they are) seem to like Matcha tea which has 130 times the antioxidants and nutrients of a traditionally strained green tea (and that really is good for you though I find it quite disgusting). It also provides a natural energy boost from its caffeine content (sounding better already).

It is however very very expensive at around £25 for 30g - yes you read that right, 30g. So I haven't tried it even stirred into my morning smoothie. This is all about to change by the arrival of Vivid chilled matcha in three delicious flavours, grape and elderflower, lime, ginger and honey and pear and rhubarb. Hot on the heels of coconut water, Vivid is around £1.85 making it a very affordable boost and it does contain 3/4 of a gram of Matcha, which doesn't sound a lot but is enough to really give you a boost. You will find this new addition to our 'healthy' drinks in places like Whole Food Markets and Planet Organic (and other independants) so give it a try - I really liked the grape and elderflower, refreshing and sweet with only a hint of tea flavour which even I managed to overlook.

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