Saturday, 10 May 2014

Home News: Annie Sloan Interiors adds a beautiful new blue

I used to be an interiors magazine editor and I still like to keep my eye out for latest trends and new products. I like a good quality paint - especially if you are just using it as an accent colour as they are easier to use and the results tend to be very, very good. Annie Sloan has developed a new colour that 'takes inspiration from Ultramarine and Cobalt Blue pigments used for decorative work in neoclassical interiors'. Napoleon loved neoclassical design hence the name - and this truly is a regal colour and makes great purples when mixed with other paint from the Chalk Paint range that have a hint of red to them.

Made in the UK The Chalk Paint range has over 30 colours which combine well for a beautifully cohesive interior and they all work on furniture, walls and floors. Each paint comes with a unique formula which has:

  • it can be used all over the house and garden – Chalk Paint adheres to numerous surfaces including:  wood, concrete, metal, brass, plastic, glass, brick, stone, terracotta and even fabric 
  • it can be used without preparation – due to its strong, sticking power and dense consistency, no priming or sanding is necessary – no removing of old paint, varnish or wax is required - you can paint straight over nearly all existing surfaces
  • it dries quickly – with a beautiful velvety matt finish
  • it produces extensive coverage – the highly concentrated formula covers approximately 13 sq metres per litre, equivalent to a small chest of drawers and one coat is usually sufficient
  • it allows you to create your own colours no mixing is required before use, but you can easily mix two or more Chalk Paint colours to create your own shade
  • it allows you to achieve paint effects simply – ie dilute Chalk Paint with water to make a wash to feature a wood grain; create a distressed look with fine sandpaper or add Annie Sloan Dark Wax to change the depth of colour
  • brushes wash out easily – simply with water
  • it is durable – and works well with Clear Annie Sloan Wax to seal furniture, walls and floors, or other painting projects around the house and garden 
    ·        it has eco credentials – being water-based and non-toxic plus EG free and virtually odour free too. 

This new Annie Sloan Interiors paint colour will be in shops from August for giving tired interiors a lift!

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