Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Giving my summer tan a boost with Clarins

I was sitting in a friends back garden a few weeks ago - yes the sun was shining in fact it was hot - and after a couple of hours I realised she had really caught the sun on her face. Not wanting her to burn I pointed this out (was a little envious) and she fessed up to it not being the sun but this fantastic self-tan from Clarins.

So in the airport on my way to Ville Franche I grabbed a bottle and decided to give it a go. Waiting until I returned home, let's face it you don't need tan help in the South of France, I added the recommended 3 drops to my morning moisturiser and within just a couple of days I really could see a difference. No orange or streaking as found in other self-tans, this is natural and so simple I don't know why everyone doesn't try it.

It also comes in a neat little glass bottle which is designed to deliver just the right amount. Treat yourself from Clarins for £18 - who needs the sun?

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