Sunday, 16 March 2014

What is Crowdwish?

I'd like to see a bit of snow this year!

It's nice to come across something that is really quite altruistic and stops people in their tracks, even if for a moment. I had read that Katie Hopkins had been duped into signing her own gagging order (which was a relief to all and sundry) but wondered where such a brilliant idea had originated from. And now I know!

Crowdwish is a new service that aims to become the ultimate online wishlist. Users can choose up to 10 wishes for anything they want, be that for a favourite cause, a service, a product or good old fashioned advice. They can search wishes already put up and add their support or create their own. And of course it's not on just accessible on the site - you can join up through Facebook, Twitter or any other way you choose!

Every 24 hours the most popular wish it taken on by the team (which includes deal brokers, researchers and negotiators) all set to try to grant the wishes or take on the challenges to effect change. It might be as simple as setting up discounts or as complicated as helping someone to start a business. Either way they are at your disposal - seems rude not to check them out!

A selection of the actions worked on since the January 2014 launch include:

 Making donations to charities such as the Red Cross, Action against Hunger, Save the Children
and The Bill Clinton foundation
 Writing hilarious spoof letters to Jeff Bezos and David Cameron
 Providing assistance for people nervous about public speaking (from one of the architects of
the successful London 2012 bid, no less)
 Creating anti-bullying stickers for school-children
 Offering private cellar tours and restaurant kitchen experiences
 Lobbying CEOs for equal pay
 Helping people start businesses
 Tracking down the ’perfect black skinny trousers’
 Helping children in Sudan
 Giving away mindfulness apps
 Duping Katie Hopkins into signing her own gagging order
 Creating personalised posters for people with self-esteem issues
 Helping find a bone marrow donor
 Going to Sir David Attenborough’s house to ask for a cup of tea
 Having people meet with professionals - from photographers to personal assistants - to help
them in their career development
 Providing discounts on Apple products
 Giving away the best books of the last year, as voted for by an amazing panel
 Asking Michael Gove – directly – to teach a lesson himself
 Providing style advice from a TV personality
 Sending mystery presents on Valentine’s Day
 Cheering up friends of users with surprise gifts
 Finding and allowing users to enjoy the world’s best pie
 Creating a competition for amateur coders
 Providing a wardrobe makeover
 Offering support for those who have been in care

The founder Bill Griffin explained why the concept has been so well received,

“Whatever a person’s wishes may be and wherever they may be in the world, chances are there
is someone else out there with the same wish. It’s a simple principle that many voices are louder
than one, and the louder a voice the more likely it is to be heard. Crowdwish is a vehicle that
makes that happen. People have really taken to the concept which is very cool”.

If you'd like to take part remember the site rules:

1. Don’t be lame. No one cares that you wish you could fly. You can’t and this site can’t help you.
2. Don’t be greedy. ‘I wish I had a free Rolex’ isn’t going to get traction.
3. Don’t be crude. We don’t need to hear about your Mila Kunis fantasies.
4. Don’t be vague. Try and be specific and imaginative at the same time.
5. Don’t be (too) selfish. The more a wish is shared, the more likely it is to come true.
6. Don’t be a dick - any form of behavior that breaks the law, or advocates doing so, won’t be
That’s it.

I'm off there now....

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