Friday, 14 March 2014

Jimjams - taking the sugar out of jam and chocolate spreads.

A friend's daughter was on Facebook the other day asking whether her one year old was too young for chocolate spread with hazelnuts or whether she should be wary because of potential nut allergies. My friend left a message something along the lines of 'forget the allergy what about his teeth?' which made me sit up and take notice when a press release for a low-sugar alternative to chocolate spreads and jams hit my inbox.

Jimjams have six low sugar and calorie spreads that have 33% less sugar than leading jam brands and an amazing 84% less than the leading chocolate spread brands.

So perfect for kids and all of us really as sugar contributes to tooth decay, diabetes and obesity. Jimjams use Maltitol which is a sugar alcohol. It is sweet like sugar but has less effect on blood glucose than sugar does and is much lower in calories - so a bit of a win/win all round.  When it comes to their jam they do use some sugar - you can't do without it in the process but they use an absolute minimum amount with a higher than average fruit content.

For more info on the products and where to buy visit Jimjams.

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