Friday, 7 February 2014

Keeping Chickens is SO last year. Keep bees instead.


With the dying out of bees we should all be looking to encourage, nuture and look after our bee communities by doing it ourselves. My husbands Uncle keeps bees and we get the occasional pot of the most delicious honey. Apparently eating local honey to where you live can help with pollen allergies as well - so it's something to consider. But where to start? The Ideal Life Collection (and who wouldn't want an ideal life let's face it) has now added a Keeping Bees dvd to their library.

So now you can easily become a beekeeper - or so they say! In Keeping Bees they have an expert beekeeper, James Dearsley alongside Charlie Dimmock (remember her?) demonstrating how to use all the beekeeping kit you will need and how to keep your hive healthy and happy.

I was only kidding about keeping chickens being passe, Stitchcombe the producers of the dvd's have a dvd for that too! DVD's are £14.99.

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