Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Clarks Brogues for a Spring in your step

Who doesn't love shiny new shoes? Patent leather, soft inner lining so they are extra comfy, these Clarks Hamble Oak brogues are everything a new, Spring shoe should be. I have a size 5 feet which is not large but they made them look really dainty. Love them with skirts and tights, jeans, smart trousers, is there any type of footwear more versatile really? Love, Love, Love and in store and online at Clarks now for £54.99.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

No7 Youthful - beautiful results from this CC cream

I don't know if I buy into the whole BB and CC cream thing really - sounds like marketing to me. However I am always interested in things that are both affordable and seem to have an effect. I was sent this Boots No7 Youthful CC cream to try out and I must admit it really is rather wonderful and when I run out I will be buying more!

It has been out since last summer so I am a little late to the party on this one but late or not I am so glad it was thrust in front of my nose as I really am a little in love.

What is a CC cream I hear you ask. Well they include colour correction (or complete correction or complexion correction - take your pick) which I really need these days. What with the menopause and simply getting older my skin has been a bit of a nightmare - teenage acne anyone? And a small red rash that comes and goes with my hormones. Not nice. This cream is therefore a godsend frankly. Not only is it neither greasy or drying but it is absorbed beautifully and does the whole 'no make-up make-up' thing perfectly.

So this CC cream in particular really does correct uneven skin colour and pigmentation and also has anti-aging benefits ie a built in SPF15.

It's available in two shades and also contains the killer ingredient Hyalouronic Acid  which really does make my skin look brighter - all helps combat aging - and also has Firming Complex + to help smooth out wrinkles, and vitamins A&C help to normalise skin cell production and super charge them so it all looks bright and smooth.

I genuinely think this product should be at least trialled by anyone whose skin is feeling sad and a bit grey after this long winter. And for those of us over a certain age it's a must! Get it from Boots for £14.50.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Skagen is not just about watches

Scandinavia is officially cool. From leather trousers on The Bridge to knitwear that has graced high end fashion catwalks to high street stores, Scandinavian countries are now on many a 'must-visit' wish list because they have suddenly become very visible. Skagen hails from Denmark and I have been a fan since my husband bought me a Skagen watch about 3 years ago. He then bought me another one for Christmas and I love both of them. So an invitation to a customer evening even if it was after work at Westfield couldn't be ignored. Having never been to a Skagen stand-alone store, I didn't actually realise that they didn't just do watches. Imagine that!

Skagen are a lifestyle brand and now retail in over 80 countries worldwide and I am now adding their leather goods to my list of favourites. This season's colours are really delicious, pastel leather graced watchstraps, bags, pouches and purses. And there was something for the men too. I was very spoilt and was given a watch to add to my collection - a rose gold, large faced watch with matching metal strap. I had been intending to buy a rose gold watch as I do like the colour so it was a really welcome treat and it is on my wrist as I write this.

Here are some of the things I saw that evening - in stores and on the Skagen website now! Let the Spring/Summer colours in!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

All the best from London Fashion Week - live!

The excitement that is London Fashion Week. Check out this exclusive live feed from those who are there and those in the know...

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Shirley Temple was part of my childhood

This is a face I grew up with. Not much older than Shirley Temple was when she started her gruelling 6 day weeks of filming, I started watching Shirley Temple movies from a very young age. Saturday afternoons; no ballet, no school, no homework, invariably raining, but I had a Shirley Temple movie to keep me happy. It didn't matter that we had a black and white TV as her films were mainly in black and white. They were a window onto a world that was so far removed from mine. My mum used to sing 'On the Good Ship Lollipop' in a funny, squeeky voice to make us laugh. Her films were very jolly and made for a generation reeling from the Depression. But somehow a little girl in a North London suburb in the 1960's really enjoyed them too. Shame they are just too dated for my girls but alas they are. Really sad she has died. I don't think we will ever see a child star like her again. At the age of 12 she was over but that is when her life really came into being and  after 20 years building that life out of the public eye she came back as a US ambassador. I wonder if the likes of Justin Beiber will do the same? 

Dermalogica giveaway for Valentine's Day

I don't usually just reprint press releases but I do love dermalogica and they are giving away PreCleanse Wipes so thought you'd all like to know! Simply do as they ask below and you might be a lucky winner!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Keeping Chickens is SO last year. Keep bees instead.


With the dying out of bees we should all be looking to encourage, nuture and look after our bee communities by doing it ourselves. My husbands Uncle keeps bees and we get the occasional pot of the most delicious honey. Apparently eating local honey to where you live can help with pollen allergies as well - so it's something to consider. But where to start? The Ideal Life Collection (and who wouldn't want an ideal life let's face it) has now added a Keeping Bees dvd to their library.

So now you can easily become a beekeeper - or so they say! In Keeping Bees they have an expert beekeeper, James Dearsley alongside Charlie Dimmock (remember her?) demonstrating how to use all the beekeeping kit you will need and how to keep your hive healthy and happy.

I was only kidding about keeping chickens being passe, Stitchcombe the producers of the dvd's have a dvd for that too! DVD's are £14.99.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Beautiful Flowers and scent from The Real Flower Company for Valentine's Day

This is so pretty and comes in three sizes - the one here is the smallest one. At £20 from The Real Flower Company I would love to get this on Valentine's or at any other time really. Filled with floral scents they can be hung from a cornice, mantelpiece or can be kept in your wardrobe - although they are so pretty it's a shame to hide them away. 

Browsing The Real Flower Company is a flower porn really. Expensive it may be but who wouldn't feel extra extra special if they received a bouquet like these? Prices range from £90-£110.

And this hat-box bouquet of 24 roses for Valentine's day really is a show-stopper at £195.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

More romance for February even at breakfast!

Lekue have a wide range of nifty little sillicone shapes to bring both colour and a bit of fun to your kitchen. Last month Lekue sent me a few to trial and I made this special egg recipe to have with toast for someone I love and it was really well received! 

First I cut up bacon into tiny slices and put them in the Lekue mould. I put them on high in the microwave for 20 seconds then added the sliced tips of asparagus for a further 20 seconds. You may need to separate the bacon as it tends to stick together and you don't want it like this in your egg. You then carefully crack an egg in and cook the whole thing for a few minutes (check your microwave as cooking eggs can vary). I added a little grated cheese to the hot egg before turning out and serving with hot buttered toast - simply delicious!

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Love Potions for a romantic February at Bam-Bou, London

Bam-Bou is a restaurant and bar just on the corner of Charlotte Street and Percy Street. The restaurant is inspired by Chinese, Thai and French Vietnamese cooking but I am here to tell you about the Love Potions which will be served in the main restaurant and the Red Bar for the whole of the month of February.

So for lovers or singletons these newly devised cocktails have been created by psychic counsellor Susie Johns who, working closely with bar manager Ladislav Piljar have come up with a potion to heal a broken heart, seduce or even to promote a proposal! They are called Heartbreak Healer, Cupid's Kiss, Lovers' Liquor and Ever After Elixir and are £7 per cocktail. Susie will also be available for one-to-one readings from 6.30 until 8.30 on three consective Tuesdays (4, 11, 18 February) which include a 15 minute reading and cocktail for £25 per person. So if you'd like to hear more about what 2014 will have in store for you make sure you book in for an extra special cocktail session!

1 Percy Street
London W1T 1DB
Book Online
Phone: 020 7323 9130
Fax:     020 7323 9140

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