Monday, 6 January 2014

I love new bedlinen! Christy bedlinen product review

I am a fan of Christy having bought their towels on numerous occasions over the years. They are always great quality, don't stint on the all important thread count and come in a great selection of colours. They contacted me as they liked my blog and thought I would love their bedlinen! So after having spent a wet and wintery day taking down the Christmas decorations it was a delightful surprise to get the delivery of new bedlinen! 

I had been through their ranges on-line and chosen Shadow Rose - as you can see the wallpaper in my loft bedroom has a strong pattern so I wanted something fairly neutral but with a pattern for interest. Shadow Rose was perfect and I was surprised to see that the subtle pattern allows the linen effect to show but is almost three dimensional - a bit like an embossed velvet - in look anyway. 

I gave it a wash and dry - quick and easy before ironing. Ironing king-sized duvets is not my forte but this is incredibly easy to iron (the size is my fault not the manufacturers after all) so forgive any fold lines (it was in the laundry basket for a day) - again my fault not anything to do with the duvet!

I was a bit concerned that the pattern would be at odds with the wallpaper but I need not have worried. This subtle 'self' pattern would suit a whole range of styles and colours as it is neutral with a bit of interest.

Most of all it has to be soft. Too often linen needs way too many washes before it is soft and comfortable but here, again, Christy come up trumps. Even before washing the fabric is soft to the touch and not at all stiff - that also applies to the plain underside.

All-in-all I love my new bedlinen! Fresh bedlinen is an absolute treat especially when the rain is pounding on the loft roof at night. I am tempted by the other ranges too for my spare bedroom as there is such a good range - there definitely is something, as I say, for every home from ultra-modern to country chic.

Shadow Rose duvet from Christy, available in double, king and super-king size, prices start at £139. Matching pillow cases from £25 per pair. 

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