Sunday, 12 January 2014

Cook - amazing new frozen food shop in North London

Last year we all piled over for a girl's evening with a friend in Surrey. She served up a delicious meal which included a simply delicious chocolate pudding which she admits was not made by her but by a shop called Cook nearby. I was impressed. Ready-meals never really deliver anything like the picture on the box and frozen ready-meals are even worse (in my opinion) so this was a bit of a revelation. I was jealous. Not jealous enough to move to Surrey but jealous enough to keep my eye out for something similar more local to me here in North London.

So I was thrilled to see a Cook open in Muswell Hill and managed to persuade the man to swing by there on our walk this weekend. Now this wasn't just up the road as Muswell Hill is a good 3 miles away but we made it (the sun was shining) which resulted in a fantastic Chicken Tikka Masala cooked from frozen in the microwave in a few minutes.

The difference between Cook frozen meals and others is that they are prepared in their kitchens in Kent and really cook as we all do at home - although in my case when it comes to a good curry, better. And another thing they have proper portions! This was for two people and there was easily 2 chicken breasts cut up in the delicious sauce. There are plenty of single meal options and a lot of these are flagged as under 400 calories - so that New Year diet is easy to follow and if you have a microwave at work then under a fiver for lunch is near dammit perfect!

Check out Cook online - you never know they may deliver to your area. I was impressed - I think you will be too!

This is what Cook have to say...

At COOK we make remarkable food for your freezer, prepared by hand at our Kitchen in Kent, using the same ingredients and techniques you would use at home.

  • On every COOK dish you'll find the name of the chef who prepared your food.
  • Our food looks and tastes homemade (maybe even a bit better!)
  • Our founding principle in 1997 was to COOK like you do at home - that's how we shop for ingredients too. 

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