Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Christmas Ideas - ethical hand-knits from Peopletree

In another life I would have plenty of time for hand-knitting. I would hand-knit sweaters for my nearest and dearest and I would hand-knit scarves for me (and socks, probably).

But that is for another, quieter, less pressured life. So I do get knitting envy when I see hand-knits that have obviously been produced by someone, somewhere in the world. Buying hand-knits it's important to know that they are ethically sourced, so going to someone like Peopletree (the pioneers of Fair Trade fashion) you know you won't have any problems on that account. These are going on my Christmas present list and make the perfect Christmas idea for those who also lust after knits.

Cute penguin hat, £18, Peopletree

Hand-knit socks, £22, Peopletree

Ladies Fair Isle Jumper, £125, Peopletree

Men's winter sweater, £175, Peopletree

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