Sunday, 27 October 2013

SkinCeuticals helps create younger looking skin

About a month ago I went to a SkinCeuticals event where we were talked through the benefits of both the brand and how non-surgical technologies can really benefit our skin as we age. I'm not a big fan of fillers and the like (though never say never) but I knew of SkinCeuticals by reputation so was keen to give it a trial.

As I say that was a month ago. I had been given three products from the range after having my skin analysed - this highlighted skin damaged by the sun under an infrared light, and to my sadness there was quite a lot. There is always a pay-back for those holidays in the sun! My skin was also dehydrated which adds to wrinkling and it just lacked glow - even though at the time I had the remains of a tan.

The products  -

SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF , a high performance broad-action antioxidant which contains phloretin, l-asorbic acid and ferulic acid  which combine to protect the skin from environmental attack in the deeper layers of the epidermis. It also boosts the skin's structure as it supports collagen and elastic levels which makes skin feel firmer and look more radiant - both things I really need. I used 5 drops of this over my skin first thing in the morning after cleansing. I was confident that this would help with my hyperpigmentation too.

Ultra Facial Defense SPF 50 High Protection, which contains a UVA/UVB moisturising sunscreen to protect my skin against the sun's rays and therefore help with anti-aging. This I used after my normal moisturiser.

Pigment Regulator which is a daily high potency brightening treatment which contains emblica and kojic acid. I used this at night after cleansing and before putting on moisturiser and really worked on redness and blemishes caused by sun and other environmental factors.

So that was my 'prescription' - well that's what it feels like as these are highly professional and scientifically produced products.

How did I get on?
Well first things first. The products are all incredibly easy to use and are quickly absorbed, so I didn't feel much disruption to my usual beauty regime. This is important to me, like most people with busy lives I don't have time for hours in the morning or last thing at night to work on my skin, so this is a real bonus.

All the products are simple, they don't smell, they absorb quickly and are really pleasant to use. So trialling it all religiously for a full month was a pleasure rather than a pain.

But did it all work?
The incredible thing was that I really found that after only 8-10 days I could really see a difference to my skin. Those tiny lines that made my skin look older were far less apparent, larger lines on my forehead seemed to be less of an issue too and my skin just looked much, much healthier. It glowed and the pigmentation that was both red and brown on my cheeks had started to fade. By a whole month my skin looked good enough to wear just the lightest sweep of powder to look good. People started to say I looked well - but I certainly haven't been getting any more sleep or relaxation than normal so it must have been the Skinceuticals regime. My skin also feels softer to the touch. It doesn't cure everything - how can a few creams do that. I still have broken capilliaries around my nose for example, but overall my skin is soft, elastic and much more even in tone. I am pleased and even after a full month have a lot of product left - the Phloretin CF looks like it will last me a full six months to be honest!

These products are not cheap but last a long time and do work. For further information contact SkinCeuticals online and they will help you find your nearest consultant.

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