Sunday, 6 October 2013

HD Brows - perfect brows add instant glam

I met the lovely ladies at HD Brows recently and they gave me lots of tips for shading and shaping my brows. Brow shape can really update your look especially at the moment as brows are arched and statement. I didn't have time to take advantage of their semi-permanent eyebrow colouring but have had great fun playing with their eye palette.
The brows below were achieved using their High Definition Brows palette in Foxy. I am growing them in which might take a while after years of plucking, waxing and threading but I am determined to persevere!

Joan Crawford eat your heart out!

My daughter did, however, visit our local HD Brows trained beauty specialists at Champneys in Enfield where she had the semi-permanent shaping done - her brows looked amazing and yours could too so check out the website for your local HD Brows trained beautician. 

This video really gives you a great idea of what can be achieved...

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