Sunday, 20 October 2013

Frieze Art Fair and The Other Art Fair

There's been pages and pages written about the Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park, London so I am not going to even try to add to it all in terms of attempting to be an art critic. Like most I know what I like, which isn't really helpful to anyone else but gives me pleasure. This weekend I went to both Frieze (tickets bought by a very generous friend) and The Other Art Fair in Shoreditch. One thing I will say about The Other Art Fair is that it's great because it's fresh and young and you get to meet the artist. It's also almost affordable!

So here are my snaps from both fairs just to give you a flavour of what was there. Don't like all of it but it is arresting if nothing else!

Jeff Koons, Stainless steel

Jeff Koons, stainless steel

Jeff Koons, Stainless steel

Tracy Emin, embroidered blanket

Loved the sentiment behind this postcard at The Other Art Fair
Amazing 3-D art from a 3-D printer

Art will eat itself

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