Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Keep your hair platinum with Decolour Colour Restore

I think I have found another product that will help me in my ever losing battle against grey hair. I have now resorted to having a blonde streak and highlights put into my hair about once every two months. This means that my white regrowth (which is becoming more and more apparent) is less obvious and I like to think that I am turning my ageing process into a positive as it is really quite distinctive. The only problem I have is that the blonde streak, which I have toned to be a lovely platinum) becomes yellow very quickly, and I can't keep going to the hairdressers just to get it toned.

So when I saw Decolour Colour Restore specifically for lifting platinum on the shelves at Boots I jumped for joy - no really I did! It's not cheap (around £11.99) but it does really lift out the yellow and return things to a purer platinum. You also only use a small amount so the £11.99 is not just for one treatment but can be used weekly. There are three techniques you can use depending on the depth of colour wanted - but even the most stringent only takes 25 minutes - 25 minutes well spent I say. There is also a version if your blonde has gone more ginger than platinum too. So all bases are covered. You simply shampoo and towel dry your hair then add the product - there isn't even a reason to condition either, hair is left feeling soft and shiny.

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