Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas ideas - Whisky Stones

Sorry to be a complete bore but I am starting my Christmas shopping now. It spreads the cost and makes me feel less stressed (though I will still be panic buying the week before Christmas). As I come across good ideas I will be featuring them on my blog - especially those that are great for awkward people to buy for.

So here's my first idea - Whisky Stones!

These are great for those that like a short drink (apparently they aren't great for long drinks) but don't want to water it down by using ice. This set of Forma whisky stones is inspired by an ancient Scandinavian method of cooling hot drinks. They are made from American soapstone and all you need to do is store in the freezer then add 3 to your drink which you then leave for 5 minutes before serving. It comes in a muslin storage bag and is quite expensive at £20 from Habitat but I like the packaging. You can get them cheaper elsewhere but they aren't so nicely presented for a gift.

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