Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Always Infinity - ultimate protection

I really am at the point in life when I would like to just leave all that monthly nonsense behind. So many of my friends are menopausal or beyond and I must say I am just a little bit envious. Even though they tell me that my skin still looks good and I glow, as opposed to them, or so they tell me, I feel I've had it with struggling through my period each month.

I am pretty active on the whole, I am not going to have any more children (honestly I hope not!), so it all feels a bit redundant and just an interruption I can live without. I must admit I do sometimes have to drag myself to my exercise classes when I'm on as I not only have to deal with the flow but feel much more exhausted - so anything that can help out with that is greatly welcome.

So I am very keen to hear of anything that allows me to forget I have my period and just get on with things as usual, whether that be power walking at the weekend or attending one of my week-time exercise classes. Always Infinity is a great new product which has been developed for all women who want to just carry on, not only those like me who will be heartily happy when it all ceases!

So why are these Always Infinity towels so special? The clever people at Always reckon that this is the most innovative product to hit this market sector in 20 years as it uses Infinicel, which is new to the UK, and which is a liquid foam which absorbs liquid unlike other pads which use mainly fibres.

There are lots of things that the manufacturers claim about this product, like it absorbing 10x it's weight without you feeling it and that it doesn't bunch up like so many pads, so I decided to put it through it's paces by using it on day two of my period at an exhausting Zumba class.

Zumba is something I have been doing for a while but it is certainly not something that ever comes easy. Each class is progressive from the one before and there is so much jumping around and high-energy impact that I really wouldn't normally risk it when in full flow as it were. 

I certainly wouldn't trust a normal sanitary towel to a class during my worst day, but really wanted to fully put this through jumping, sweating, leg-kicking agony to see how it would measure up.

I do use pads on my heaviest day - even with internal protection. So going without the tampon I was slightly worried. My workout clothing is tight lycra so there was absolutely no room for accidents so I really did hope they lived up to their claims.

First things first. The fit - really well actually. I didn't really feel it was there after a while as it does mould to your body shape and stays put, which is quite a feat when you consider the amount of movement I was doing. It didn't bunch up or twist (unlike me).

The feel - well it is soft, no sharp corners digging in and no plastic coating which made it feel 'sweaty', sorry to be graphic but I do think some towels have this effect.

The absorbency - very impressive. I must say I wore it for a couple of hours all in and it took a pounding (as did I) and everything was fine with no leakage. 

Altogether pretty impressive on all fronts, what really surprised me was that I forgot I was wearing a pad - no really! Because it's soft, light and doesn't move, this was easily done. I will definitely be using them as part of my monthly routine as I felt they really have got something completely different with Always Infinity - anything else just won't feel as good!

Don't just take my word for it either - give them a try. I have a box to give away to a lucky reader so tell me your favourite form of exercise in my comments section and I will put your name into my free draw. Please make sure I can contact you by email though!

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