Saturday, 28 September 2013

Universal Everything and You Exhibition at The Science Museum

Visit the Science Museum from 21 September 2013 to 7th February 2014 and you will experience a large audio-visual artwork which has been created collaboratively through a smart phone app. On display for the first time at Media Space, the new galleries opening in the Science Museum London.

Universal Everything are an art and design collective who were commissioned to create this two-part installation. Matt Pyke, the founder of Universal Everything, has created two parts, 1000 hands and Presence which originate from simple line drawings and are united in the gallery space through sound and light. Sponsored by Hyundai Motor UK this is the first installation in the Virgin Media Studio.

1000 Hands will be created through public contributions via the smart phone app and will take the form of a circular projection onto multiple screens, each screen showing an individual user-generated artwork. There is an evolving soundtrack which gets louder and softer depending on the movements of the works on screen..

The clever bit is that the smart phone app will generate a simple line drawing that will grow into an elaborate form and shape.

Presence will be a circular four screen video installation occupying the space around 1000 hands. These screens will show moving shapes against a black background which will reveal a human presence all created by motion captured from dancers dancing.

This all sounds amazingly abstract but the mash up of apps, public involvement and technology in a new space does intrigue me and I am sure will be a hit.

Matt Pyke says, ‘Our approach stems from our background and ongoing study of
drawing, painting and sculpture. The exploration of a living presence is central to the
studio’s practice, and through working with anthropomorphism, we strive to create
deeper empathetic connections with the viewer.

Media Space, the new photography and art gallery in the Science Museum is a
collaboration between the Science Museum (London) and the National Media Museum
(Bradford). Offering a programme of exhibitions and events, Media Space will draw on
the National Photography Collection and the broader Science Museum Collections.

Bringing together photographers, artists, curators and the creative industries Media
Space will explore relationships between, and lesser-known histories of, photography,
science, art and technology. Universal Everything & You will be shown alongside the
major exhibition Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr
which will run until 16 March 2014.

For further information visit the Science Museum website.

1000 Hands app:

To download for iOS visit

To download for Android visit

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