Sunday, 15 September 2013

Treats from the London Marshmallow Company

I'm not actually a fan of marshmallows. In terms of sweet treats I prefer something that's a little less, er, sweet.... and a bit less wishy washy. Even though they have been quietly replacing cupcakes as THE chic sweet I still have never felt the desire to search them out. And then, at our Handpicked Media fashion suite, I was introduced to the amazing little bags of loveliness from The London Marshmallow Company.

These marshmallows are like nothing you have ever tasted before. They are more cake-like than marshmallow and have the most amazing flavours. And they look amazing - I can imagine serving them instead of petit fours after dinner with coffee they are that good. Sophisticated little cubes of gorgeousness I need to stay away really or I will become a bit addicted.

The London Marshmallow Company marshmallows are handcrafted and reflect London in their use of flavours from the city. No, not grime and garbage, we are talking exotic spices and Sicilian lemons alongside nuts and other fruits. They try to source from local suppliers and use free-range pasteurised egg whites, British beat sugar and natural real fruit. All flavours are natural and hell do they look good!

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