Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Fashion designer Jorgen Simonsen works magic on Osiris glasses range

It's been at least five years since I last had my eyes tested. I know I'm short-sighted as I need glasses for driving, watching TV and going to the cinema but recently I have noticed that reading the small print on bottles and threading a needle is becoming a bit of a hit-and-miss affair. So I was re-energised to get myself down to SpecSavers for an eye exam by the glorious new designer range of Osiris glasses that were being showcased (once again) at our London Fashion Week suite.

Bear with me - not another shameless plug I promise, I am like any blogger in that I only write about things I like irrespective of who I come across during my day job; this range has been really sharpened up (a bit like my eyesight as you will hear).

So first off, Paris-based fashion designer Jorgen Simonsen who is normally seen designing for the likes of Madonna, Nicole Kid man and Elizabeth Taylor, was tasked with coming up with a range of 60 pieces of eyewear that would be aspirational, wearable but with loads of personality. Because he has come to the range with a powerful sense of design rather than any experience in eyewear design, the new Osiris range is vibrant, modern and allows the wearer to make a statement without feeling that their glasses are taking over. I was really impressed with what is basically three key collections in the range. Colour Pop draws inspiration from European holidays, think the Amalfi Coast, Italian cars, movies and accentuated colours. Frosted Hi-Tech takes us to Scandinavia with its big skies, icy white, ash greys and 'urban warrior vibe'. It's refined, minimalistic and easy to wear. Super Translucent has bold shapes and polished, glossy surfaces and Jorgen pays more than a passing nod to Phillipe Starck style modernism.

So I was apprehensive about my eye exam but excited to see the new range in-situ and to get myself updated at the same time. What I love about SpecSavers is how high-tech it all is - no reading off cards just reading through a machine, well three machines in total, each highly calibrated to give as accurate a reading as possible in terms of getting me the absolutely perfect prescription. The bad news is that I am both short and long sighted so need two pairs of glasses now (I didn't opt for varifocals as I can't see me getting on with them), but the good news is I now have a swanky new pair of Osiris glasses in gleaming tortoiseshell so I don't mind too much.

Currently there is a two-for-one offer where two complete pairs from the Osiris range are available for £125 from Specsavers.

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