Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dole Live Right bars are the perfect, healthy snack


Right, I am a snacker by nature so I thought I'd tell you about my latest snacking obsession. No not Popchips (though they still come a close second), I have discovered the joys of Dole Live Right bars which are made solely from nuts, seeds and fruits. So they have loads of protein, fibre and magnesium and release energy slowly so really help when I find myself flagging (which is as I type this if honest).

This stops me wanting to eat chocolate or biscuits and they are really, really tasty. They come in a wide range of flavours and three snacking options so there's no need to get bored.

The Dole Live Right Blueberry Almond Mini Crunch has fruit and nut clusters which contain almonds, seeds and blueberries (£2.99 for a pack of five bars).

 The Dole Live Right Trio Bars have three types of nuts, seed and fruit and come in three flavours - cranberry, strawberry and blueberry (£2.19 for a pack of three bars).

The Dole Live Right Cranberry Almond Crunch has cashews, almonds and cranberries and a little natural syrup (£1.59 each).

Dole Live Right has been endorsed by HEART UK as being heart healthy and helping to lower cholesterol for more informaiton visit Dole.

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