Friday, 2 August 2013

Ted Talks - Ideas Worth Spreading

Have you come across Ted Talks on the internet yet? If you haven't you really should check out this amazing site which is a non-profit organisation showcasing inspirational stories and amazing speakers from around the world. There is so little of worth on all 987 TV channels that I seem to have ended up with that I now turn to Ted Talks when I want a bit of 'me' downtime.

Illuminating, thought-provoking, educational, all speakers will leave you with something worthwhile to mull over. The team at Ted Talks believe in the power of ideas and how spreading positive ideas can really change both attitudes and ultimately global thinking.

For those who are naturally curious it's the perfect place to communicate with like-minded people so if you have an idea you can contact them too.

They hold a Ted Talks conference annually on the West Coast of America and the content includes science, business, arts and global/political issues that effect us all. Four days, 50 speakers, it must be breathtaking.

So what's on offer. Well a visit to the site today gives me a story about Beardyman and his inspiration, 

Then there's a talk from Peter Van Manen from McLaren on how Formula 1 helps babies (yes really)

And cinematographer, Louis Shwartzberg on Beauty, Nature and Gratitude.

And that really is just a tiny, tiny idea of the breadth of content on the site.

If you love the random nature of short features on Radio 4 then this is a similar experience with pictures. Broaden your horizons and your knowledge by browsing Ted Talks - I have and it's become a bit of an addiction.

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