Friday, 16 August 2013

Lush - an ethical environmentally focussed beauty company

I rather like the ethos of Lush and I was made to revisit them when they sent me a catalogue in the post this week. They only buy ingredients from companies that don't ever test products on animals and they tend to test on humans instead. They invent all their own products and fragrances and avoid excessive packaging and preservatives and they obviously really enjoy coming up with new and innovative products that are really good value. All products are fresh and organic so if you haven't visited this brand in a while why not familiarise yourself afresh!

Here are some of the more unusual ingredients

BB seaweed fresh face mask

The key ingredient to the BB seaweed fresh face mask is Toothed Wrack Seaweed, found at all British coastal areas. This seaweed grows densely on the seashore and is added to this ultra soothing mask made specifically for men with sensitive skin (though can be used by women too). £5.95 for 75g, this mask is fresh so needs to be kept in the fridge.

'Great for anyone with sensitive skin – and fantastic on faces that go through the rigors of shaving every day and need a cooling treat sometimes.'

Buffy Body Butter

Buffy Body Butter is great for buffing up your bum getting rid of dead skin cells and making sure you have all-over soft skin. The unusual ingredients in this bar are ground rice, ground almonds and ground aduki beans which aren't too harsh but are still tough enough to really clear things us. I have tried this and it is a wonder as your skin feels beautifully moisturised too because of the addition of cocoa and shea butter alongside the lavender oils which give it a heavenly smell. £10.75 for 200g. 

H'Suen Wen Hua hair mask
This amazing hair mask (and yes I've tried this too) has a whole raft of ingredients to bring back shine to totally wasted hair. Bay leaf infusion really is the key ingredient alongside watercress infusions, balsamic vinegar, rosemary oil and fresh free range eggs. There's lanoline which moisturises naturally and olive oil to give strength plus cinammon leaf oil with all it's antiseptic qualities. H'Suan Wen Hua hair treatment is a bargain for £8.95 for 225g.

'This product is intended to be piled on generously and left for 20 minutes, preferably whilst sitting in the bath or somewhere steamy, to go about its work of putting back into your hair all that modern day life and habits take out.'

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