Monday, 26 August 2013

Clean & Clear for clearer young skin

Some teenagers go through puberty and beyond with the occasional blemish or skin problem but for many it's a bit more of a problem. If you have a teen with a problem then you might be interested in him or her trialling the new Clean & Clear Advantage Clear and Smooth range of foaming wash and daily scrub.

I found a willing teen to try out this affordable skincare routine and he reported back that it was really easy and quick to use, and his skin did look much better after a couple of weeks of using the products. The Foaming Wash is £4.99 and is a light product featuring salicylic acid and natural aloe vera to remove dirt, oil and impurities. The aloe vera leaf contains nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and active enzymes, all great for clearing up skin and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised.

The Daily Scrub, also £4.99, has lots of tiny exfoliating micro-beads to effectively remove dead skin cells that can block pores too. It is gentle and also contains aloe vera to help sooth skin.

All in all an affordable package to help teenage skin recover and fight that horrible spotty stage.

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