Saturday, 20 July 2013

Straw Hats for women - perfect sun cover

Sun's out again and even I (with my larger than average head - no really not an empty boast it is) am considering buying a straw hat to shade my eyes and keep the sun off my head. Of course I need a bit of style for this particular accessory (and they have to suit my sunglasses) so I went online as I must admit I was a bit uninspired by what the high-street has to offer, and came across Village Hats who have hats for men and women and pretty much every occasion. Here is a selection of my favourites for keeping off the sun.

100% crochet straw hat from Sur La Tete, unlined for extra ventilation, £34.95

Helen Kaminski Efia crocheted rafia hat, also from, £249

We saw lots of these visors in the South of France - they really are the perfect accessory, but you don't need to be there to wear one. Again by Sur la Tete, £9.95

Calamity Cattleman Cowboy Hat. Every year I promise myself one of these and every year I forget. This is now my hat, Sur La Tete, £16.95

Okay this one isn't straw but it's tropical and infinitely packable, Tropique sunhat, £18.95.

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