Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Honey from Marc Jacobs

Image from www.parfumerie.nl

We've had a rickshaw at the office and every bus seems to have the yellow and black polka dot bottle and packaging of the new Honey fragrance from Marc Jacobs, so with my love for honey fragrances, fresh citrus smells and all things to do with bees, I had to swing by John Lewis and squirt myself.

Okay it was a very hot day and the sales assistant did catch me putting some behind my ears which was a bit embarrassing but I have to say I really love it.

It's more citrus-y than overly honeyed which is a good thing as I was a little concerned it might be too sweet and cloying. Far from it - it's fresh with a subtle tang of honey. I felt I was walking a lane through fields of flours on a Greek Island.

The notes that make up the fragrance are

Top Note – Pear, Juicy Mandarin
Mid Note – Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar, Apricot, Honeysuckle
Base Note – Honey, Golden Vanilla, Smooth Woods

I want some!

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