Friday, 28 June 2013

Soiree Classic Wine Aerator review

A few months ago we went to dinner with some friends who had one of these nifty little gadgets. Now before you roll your eyes heavenwards and think 'not another gadget I won't use and don't need' I am hear to tell you that after trying out the Soiree Classic Wine Aerator at our friends, I went out and bought one!

Why? because when you open a bottle of red wine you can pour it straight into a glass and it will taste amazing! We did a taste test pouring a little wine into a glass and tasting it then pouring a fresh amount out through the Aerator. There is simply no comparison between the two - it really does work!

It's a pretty little glass bubble that you put like a cork into the top of your open bottle of wine. It works by infusing oxygen into the wine which improves the taste and enhances the flavour and instead of decanting a whole bottle into a decanter you can do as little as one glass. It works with red, white and rose wine and there is absolutely no mess. It comes with a storage stand which you need as it is delicate. This would make the perfect present for those that like to drink wine and will be a welcome household gadget you won't be sad you've bought.

I bought one from a local shop but they are on sale now on for £19.50 - well worth the money!

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