Friday, 21 June 2013

Illumi - home delivered meals for those with coeliac disease

Beef meatballs

I don't have coeliac disease but gluten isn't a great addition to anyone's diet really, so a range of home-delivery gluten-free meals is always of interest. And if you do suffer from coeliac disease and have cursed the lack of relevant foods on offer in terms of home delivery, then your prayers are answered!

Ilumi provide a range of mouth-watering ready-meals to be ordered on-line. They deliver direct to your door and the Ilumi website also provides lots of useful information and expert advice on managing the disease and just eating healthily really. Check out the online magazine for the wealth of information on offer. You can also join their community food-lovers!
Aromatic thai red chicken curry

The range is built on the simple principles of great cooking but with gluten-free as an important part of the mix. The results are delicious, 100% natural and trustworthy plus if you have a problem with dairy then they don't use cow's milk either. I tried out a range which included soup, sauces and curries and they were all really delicious and ready in the microwave in minutes. All the food arrived in sealed containers so they don't need to be kept in the fridge - this was a real bonus when space is a premium. I was also glad to see that vegetarians and vegans are also catered for and there are a number of products suitable for them in the range.

All-in-all I found the products I tried out to be filling and full of flavour and all the recipes have detailed ingredient lists so you can see what you are getting. If you visit the Ilumi site at the moment there is a special (and limited time) offer that if you spend £20 you get £10 off your order - so it's half price and prices range from £1.75 for gravy to £3.50 for a chicken curry. Worth a go to cut out those glutens!

Vegetable and chickpea Jalfrezi

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