Sunday, 2 June 2013

Beauty News - EX1 for exotic skins

By 'exotic' EX1 means Asian to far eastern with middle eastern and Mediterranean in-between so I reckon that means me! The range includes 5 foundations, 5 mineral powder foundations, 3 powders, 3 concealers and 4 blushers so the whole range of skin-colours is pretty much covered (well within this target group anyway). Specially formulated to mimic the natural yellow/golden pigments found in exotic skin these don't have the usual premium price tag that you normally have to pay for this type of skincare product. All will help with skin colour correction for a perfect finish.

I haven't bought any yet so can't do a review but thought it worth flagging up as a new products for all my Turkish/Greek/French/Iranian friends and readers out there (and anyone else who falls into this category). Check out the EX1 range on the Look Fantastic site - liquid foundations are £10.50 for an idea of price range.

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