Friday, 31 May 2013

Filofax updates The Original

I love my Filofax and don't care that it's not electronic but good old-fashioned paper. After all, the old-fashioned cocktail has made a big impact this year so it augers well for other slightly old-fashioned things too. Nothing old-fashioned about these new additions to the Filofax range though - they are bold, beautiful and fluoro!

This design is based on the original which I had back in the '80's and still have in a box somewhere at home with some very interesting phone numbers if I look back. Anyway back to the present day The Original is made from extra thick leather and is made in Britain using traditional leather-work skills. It's also available in soft brown and a retro green if the orange (or indeed the yellow, purple or fuchsia) are too much. Available in personal or A5 The Original Filofax is £60 to £80.

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