Sunday, 5 May 2013

#bootsmakeithappen on Pinterest - join in the fun!

I had such fun at our recent Twitter Party where we all chatted (and trended on Twitter I might add) about our beauty goals and questions. Using the #bootsmakeithappen hashtag I gained new followers and new friends and got some great ideas some of which have influenced my Pinterest board which you can see here!

Join me on Pinterest and create your own #bootsmakeithappen board - they will be choosing the best and posting them on their Facebook page for everyone to see - I love pinning as it really is the perfect aide memoir for me to scrapbook ideas and to-do lists as well as just being inspirational.

What is the Boots Make It Happen campaign? According to new research, three quarters (84%) of us are feeling positive about achieving our health and beauty goals throughout 2013 - I've already started juicing and eating more healthily in time for summer and getting my skin in great shape for baring all too! So I was interested to read about  Boots 'Let's Make It Happen' which is set up to help and encourage us all to reach our goals!

I know that just a few small changes can have real impact - whether it's regular exercise (use that gym membership people) or taking much better care of our skin, it doesn't really need a whole lot of effort to feel a whole lot better about yourself. Identifying what you want to change is where you have to start so Let’s Make it Happen will help you identify what you want to achieve and in the context of Boots is about what you need to do to get to grips with those health and beauty goals, with lots of information on services, support and must-have products.

Boots currently have a partnership with Mumsnet and various radio stations and everything is hosted on The Feel Good Forum on Mumsnet - all shows are fully accessible now so have a listen. 

So get pinning on Pinterest and check out the Boots Let's Make It Happen site to really turn around your beauty goals in 2013!

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