Saturday, 13 April 2013

Timothy Everest launches women's tailored range for Superdry

Last night I went along to the launch of a brand new, tailored range for women from Timothy Everest for uber brand Superdry. Before I wax lyrical about the collection, the store itself in Regent Street is one of the largest single brand stores I have ever been in. A whole floor dedicated to t-shirts - imagine! Although I can only really get away with the occasional piece from here I love the Superdry mix of acid brights and pastels which have become signature, so this tailored and more downbeat collection is a bit of a departure but still has fun elements and gives a bit of a twist to classic shapes.

Following on from the launch of tailoring for men, the Women's Sebiro range feature everything from 'rock chic' to 'country rebel' with lots of fishbone and herringbone with fantastic shapes and cuts.  Four models each wore pieces from the four ranges which are The Town Coat, The Country Rebel, The Rock Rebel and the Muse. All the range can be  dressed up or down so there is definitely something for everyone.

Prices range from £75 to £250 and wwill only be found in the Regent Street store and selected UK Superdry stores.

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