Monday, 1 April 2013

Steam Cream Moisturiser review

Ages ago I was sent a pot of SteamCream to try out but it was an email about the new design that jogged my memory that I really must blog about it as I liked it so much!
SteamCream is great as a base under make-up, an emergency handcream, and for dry places like knees and elbows. It has a gorgeous smell and is collectable as the tins come in a huge variety of designs so do check out the website for more than just my favourites pictured here.
But what is SteamCream?
It's a freshly handmade moisturising cream using high quality natural ingredients that are then fused together by the introduction of a shot of steam making it lightweight to use and easily absorbed. It contains things like orange flower water, lavender, rose and chamomile so it smells heavenly all sourced from sustainable sources too.
It's also handmade in the UK and Japan (always a big plus for me) and because the tins are so pretty you can use them for storage (pins etc) so you can upcycle them rather than recycle. I love this skincare as it smells good, is really gentle and seems to work really, really well.
SteamCream is well worth the investment of £12.95 as it performs as well as many creams at three times the price!

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