Thursday, 25 April 2013

Rigby & Peller go wild with colour this Spring/Summer

I won't bore you with my problems in finding lovely bras and knickers that fit my 'more than average' handful - and that isn't a boast it's the simple truth. I have to shop carefully to get the right fit, especially as more support than ever is needed with every passing year. The great thing about it is that I can justify the occasional trip to shops like Rigby & Peller who have a superb in-store fitting service where the ladies can tell your exact size simply by looking at you! No tape measures in sight, it's an experience you won't forget...

I was invited this week to go along for a fitting and to choose some lingerie and I do realise that I am very lucky to have been treated in this way, but to be fair I have also shopped their too.

The latest story for this Spring/Summer (yes, you get seasonal stories even with underwear!) is one of amazing colour - certainly a welcome change with all the hot pinks and neons around at the moment it's great to be able to reflect this in your underwear too.

These are some of the things in store now that I fell in love with.

Marie Jo Avero bra, £69.95
Empreinte Thalia balcony bra in sapphire, £92.95, short brief £58.95

This set above is the one I chose and I must say the fit, especially for a balcony bra which doesn't often work well in my size, is fantastic.
Simone Perele Marilyn bra, £78.95

Simone Perele Marilyn short, £49.95

Marie Jo L'Aventure Ernest bra in coral, £71.95

Marie Jo L'Aventure Earnest shorts, £31.95

Check out the Rigby & Peller website for your nearest store or to by online.

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