Sunday, 21 April 2013

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel kit reviewed

I was given a voucher for my birthday recently to decided to buy myself the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel kit which I had tried out a few years ago and been longing ever since to replace. Yes this product has been on the  market a while, yes it works.

The word 'peel' always makes me a bit worried as I think of horrible red skin afterwards but this peel is gentle and really lovely to use even though it does contain both lactic and alicylic acid. First off you apply about a teaspoon worth of  the microdelivery peel vitamin c crystals to clean, dry skin. Once covered you gently massage the face avoiding the eye area for up to 60 seconds. The smell is an overwhelming one of oranges and is quite delicious. You then add, with your fingertips, about a teaspoon of activator which turns the granular mask into a gentle white foam as it by magic. This activates the vitamin c and peptides and you leave it on your skin for 1-2 minutes then simply wash off.

It's recommended that you use it once or twice a week before applying other beauty products but as it is so simple and quick to use (the whole process takes 5 mins max) this is no chore and the results are quite dramatic. My skin feels really really smooth and after a couple of weeks looks brighter and younger (less noticable lines).

This is not a cheap product but a little goes a long way and it is just as effective as a salon facial (in my opinion anyway). For those who want to liven up winter skin in preparation for the summer it is a must!
The Microdelivery Peel from Philosophy £59.

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