Tuesday, 23 April 2013

As Seen In Blitz - fashion from the iconic magazine

From former fashion editor of Blitz magazine comes As Seen In Blitz, a celebration of the hedonistic, creative and 'subversive' fashion pages that set the style for a whole generation going out in the 1980's. After Punk and before the internet, the club scene that emerged was New Romantic and had a cast of characters so colourful I can't quite believe there are not more books and exhibitions to celebrate them. Iain R Webb was at the centre of this fashion and cultural revolution and this book looks to present over 100 of the Blitz fashion stories plus previously unseen archive content. There are interviews with designers and memories from a time that was important to those who lived it and to those who came after.

So if you wore Bodymap, Comme Des Garcons, Jasper Conran or Vivienne Westwood or strutted at Club for Heroes, The Wag or later the Camden Palace alongside Boy George, Marilyn and Steve Strange then this is definitely the book for you.

Order it today from Waterstones, £35 and get free delivery.

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