Friday, 8 March 2013

So Shutterly Fabulous

It's amazing how things come and go in terms of window-dressing fashion. Even given that this is probably one of the most expensive things you will buy when decorating a room, it is also one of the key things that sets the tone. We have been through every variation of window-dressing, from full on full length curtains, to bamboo blinds, Roman blinds and slatted wooden blinds. Now I've noticed that our street of Edwardian houses are taking to putting in shutters.

I am thinking of doing the same as they look so smart so was interested to be told about Shutterly Fabulous who make, you've guessed it window shutters in all manner of shapes, sizes and colours.

Otherwise known as plantation shutters, Shutterly Fabulous make their own shutters here in the UK and are based in Brighton & Hove but cover Leeds, Manchester and other parts of the UK too. They fully measure and install for you as these really are an investment buy and will come along to discuss your needs and make sure you are getting the best. They use premium grade woods like yellow poplar and elm -  nothing is made from mdf or ldf here. The shutters come with a 3 year guarantee which fully covers the installation and product too.

Here are some of the range and you will find loads more on the Shutterly Fabulous website.

Shutterly Fabulous also supply DIY shutters if you don't want the full bespoke shutter service so are pretty versatile in making sure you get exactly what you need for your budget.


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