Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Mad Men collection from Estee Lauder

I am working my way through Season 3 so am a bit late to the party with the whole Mad Men look but I love it and it won't take me long to catch-up. Red lipstick is a staple in my make-up bag so the new Mad Men Rich Rich red lipstick from the Mad Men collection at Estee Lauder could have been made for me really.

Because it errs on the pink side it's a perfect colour for Summer rather than being a full on red which I always feel is better for Winter months. It has a creamy, satin finish (very Sixties) and the carton and lipstick case are perfect replicas of actual designs from Estee Lauder's sixties-era collections. It's even been named after one of their most popular Sixties lip formulas so you can't really get much more authentic in 2013!

This limited edition lipstick is £26 from Estee Lauder and there are also a complimenting blush and nail-colour in the range too.

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