Thursday, 21 March 2013

Kaplan MD Lipgloss - anti-aging lipgloss

All this cold weather plus the fact that I have had flu in the last couple of weeks which knocked me sideways in more ways than one means that along with lots of other parts of me, my lips are chapped and sore. I use a gentle facial scrub to eliminate the dried skin but when this Kaplan MD lipgloss was sent into the office I grabbed it as it claims to have anti-aging properties alongside lots of gloss. It reminds me of the lipgloss I wore as a teenager as it has a strong peppermint taste which isn't unpleasant and makes your lips tingle and it has definitely moisturised and protected against the ice cold winds outside.

Anti-aging? Don't know about that but with an spf of 20 it will protect against the aging rays of the sun (what sun we ask?).

I have not come across this range before but there is some serious science behind it all which is worth a read on the Kaplan MD site.

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