Saturday, 16 March 2013

Compeed - foot saving for your handbag

We had a small glimmer of sunshine recently and although the winter is back with a vengeance I for one am looking forward to getting some strappy sandals out and getting into some heels. But a winter in flat boots will mean my tootsies will get blisters, they always do, even from shoes I've worn in thoroughly.

So the Compeed blister plasters that were in our Handpicked Media goody bag have already found pride of place in my handbag. These are worth buying before the pain starts as they really do work (they are already a favourite in our office).

They provide a blister getting any worse and also create a cushioning layer to help things hear nicely while protecting from bacteria and dirt which only makes things worse. If a blister bursts (which you shouldn't encourage) then bathing in salt water for 10 minutes really helps things too. If you get blisters often there's lots of advice on the Compeed site.

Compeed medium plasters, pack of five, available from Boots, £4.99

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