Wednesday, 27 March 2013

360 Stay Don't Stray Primer from Benefit

I don't usually use primers so when I was giving the 360 Stay Don't Stray Primer from Benefit to try out I didn't really know what to expect. Okay so I am meant to be a bit of a beauty expert but there are certain products that I have never used because I don't really 'get' why I should - and it's just more money to be spent which I don't have.

But I am impressed with this little product which not only concealed without being too obvious (one of my biggest bug bears with concealers) under my eyes and provided a perfect base for my eye shadow which seemed to stay put and keep it's freshness all day. Yes I may become a convert! I trialled Medium//Deep which is the new colourway and was a perfect match for my skin - in fact I used it on it's own with just a sweep of powder instead of full-on foundation and I my skin did look good in a 'no make-up' made up way.
So it is worth the £19.99 from Benefit if you want a finish to your make-up that stays the course!

360 Stay Don't Stray Primer from Benefit.

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