Monday, 4 February 2013

Shopping Trolley's are En Vogue!

I just received a press release this morning with this title and it made me metaphorically air-punch and shout 'yes' as I have known this for several years now. Trying to save the planet by saving on petrol in my car, plus getting a damn good work-out at the same time, my shopping trolley from IKEA has made the the butt of lots of cruel jokes from my family. And now with this one headline I feel vindicated!

The press release from Debenhams has made shopping trolleys out to be more 'Fearne Cotton than Dot Cotton' - to be honest I've never seen Dot with a trolley but I get where they're coming from.

Back when I was a fashion stylist in the Eighties we all had shopping trolley's - they were just the easiest way of carting the fashion stylist's bag of accessories around - or for picking up samples too. So I've never felt it was a big issue. So I'm now going to share with you the trolleys at Debenhams which are much nicer than my IKEA black one but do the same job...

They are £60 and have been flying off the shelves in London, Manchester and Glasgow where less people own cars - I am glad to see I am no longer alone. Debenhams shopping trolleys from Typhoon are also available online.

Multi-coloured Debenhams shopping trolley

Debenhams shopping trolley

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