Friday, 15 February 2013

Philips VisaPure review

Philips VisaPure review

I have noticed that as my skin has got older I have to take even more care of it than I always have - well I suppose that does go without saying, but when I was younger even cleansing routines seemed to be less of a hassle. So when I was asked to test the Philips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush I thought 'anything to cut down on the time and effort when I am dog-tired before bed!' so accepted the challenge gratefully.

This electric brush claims to give ten times better cleansing than manual make-up removal and I must say that given the whole process takes simply one minute it really does remove all facial make-up swiftly and without any residue.

It is also much gentler than I had anticipated as the bristles are soft and silky - they have to be if you are using them daily which I have done for the last week.

The head of the brush rotates and vibrates and cuts out when you have spent enough time on one particular part of your face. You simply divide your face into three parts (on side including nose, the other side including nose and forehead) and the brush tells you when you've done enough and need to move on to a particular bit. 

No need to worry about batteries either, the VisaPure comes with a plug-in charger and all you need to do is leave it on charge for an initial 6 hours then it lasts for 30 minutes which at a minute each time is pretty good going. You then simply wet your face, apply a little of your normal cleansing facial wash to the brush and away you go.

I also find that because you are really cleaning your skin thoroughly and removing dead skin cells along with make-up that my moisturiser was quickly absorbed too - an extra bonus! There are also two speed settings, gentle and deep cleansing for when you really need to get rid of a lot of make-up. I may well treat myself to the Exfoliating brush head to use when I need a deeper dead skin removal.  

There are a variety of heads available and you can use the unit in the shower making it even more versatile. I will definitely be tossing into a suitcase whenever I go away along with my electric toothbrush - it makes perfect sense and has really revolutionised the way I cleanse, especially at night, so even thought the price tag is a little steep (£150) I do think it's worth the money as it is effective and so easy to use. 

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