Thursday, 21 February 2013

Kat&Bee jewellery - it rhymes too

One of our lovely fashion bloggers, The Fashion Bite, rocked up at the suite we took at One Aldwych for London Fashion Week sporting a couple of lovely rings from East End designer and owner of Kat&Bee. Never one to resist a good looking piece of jewellery I was introduced to her on Twitter and it was just a click away to finding the site where I quickly discovered that I want to own virtually everything she makes!

Kat's jewellery is influenced by all elements of her life and culture. Each piece is individually made so is never the same as the next and she mixes gold and silver wires, beads and often her signature skull.

There are currently 4 collections to choose from ABC Brazil, Courtallam, Memento Mori and St Tropez SS13. 

Prices range from around £70 - £200 and here are a few of my favourite pieces....
Esperanza, £165
Saachi, £55

Adelaide £170
Paarthiv, £205
Genevieve, £210

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