Saturday, 2 February 2013

Brilliant Botanicals making a fashion splash for Spring/Summer

Adara clutch bag Coast at John Lewis
Adara clutch bag from Coast, John Lewis £55

Botanicals are big for Spring/Summer but you have to be really bold to wear them in a large piece like a dress or skirt. I prefer a nod to a trend like this as an accessory so this bag is just right for adding a flash of colour. Look out for scarves, bags, jewellery, tights - make it bold, make it bright and make a statement!

And if you'd like to go down the dress route (brave) then I love these two dresses from Hobbs.
Invitation Doddington Dress
Blue Invitation Doddington dress, Hobbs £189
Invitation Fiore Dress
Purple Invitation Fiore Dress, Hobbs £189 

Personally, I am planning on wafting through Summer with this Kaliko Clemetis print skirt...
Kaliko Clematis Print Skirt from John Lewis
Kaliko Clematis print skirt from John Lewis,  £85

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