Thursday, 28 February 2013

Balance Me natural skincare range

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream (100ml): Image 01

Not come across Balance Me products before? No neither had I until I came across them in our suite at London Fashion Week and now a tube of this handcream is ubiquitous in my handbag and has been a hand-saver in this cold weather.

So what's so special about Balance Me? Well for a start it's a brand born at the kitchen table of two British sisters, Rebecca and Clare Hopkins who in 2005 left their PR business careers to retrain in the holistic field to get a better work-life balance. They use cutting-edge technology and natural formulations to create a brilliant range of products which have won many beauty industry awards.

They work on the philosphy of 'beauty that works naturally' and all products are very natural but the quality is extremely high due to the use of latest research and hi-tech natural ingredients and understanding that have only been around in the last few years.

Their products work on bringing skin back into balance - so healthier skins just get better and problems are gently sorted out.

They have a wide range for face and body and also have some lovely gift sets like this one...

beautiful skin collection
Balance Me skin collection

which would make a fantastic mother's day gift at £20. Try them out, if all the products are as good as the handcream then you won't be disappointed.

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