Monday, 25 February 2013

Audio books for on the go people...

We have had a wonderful weekend visiting family in South Yorkshire and taking in the eldest daughters production of Jesus Christ Superstar at Leeds Uni. Youngest daughter is also at Sheffield Hallum so it was easy for her to join us too (and for us to take her home) but with all the motorway driving and to-ing and fro-ing we should have thought about organising an audiobook download from AudioGo, the home of audio books from the BBC.

This site contains a plethora of books - from Shakespeare (great if you have anyone in the car who needs to do some revision) to sci-fi classics, Dr Who scripts, children's novels, and a wide, wide range of modern literature too.

Here are my top five that I will be downloading so we will never be stuck with dreadful local radio again...

Michael Palin, New Europe
I loved this programme although they only briefly touched on Belgrade (which is a shame) and I could listen to Michael's dulcet tones all day. He does a whistle stop tour of the Balkans including Bulgaria, Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia, Hungary and the Ukraine amongst others too. He throws himself into local life and really gives some great insight into this part of the world which has emerged from behind the curtain in recent years.  Download - £7.99

Maeve Binchy, Whitethorn Woods
I love Maeve Binchy, but this will have to be for when I'm alone in the car as the husband is not so keen. Well she is a woman's writer really so I don't blame him. Once again we visit an Irish town where the action takes place and I know I will soon become wrapped up in the characters and the story as I always do with a classic Binchy.
Download - £7.99

Alan Bennett - Telling Tales
There are tons of Alan Bennett downloads on the AudioGo site and of course this would have been perfectly fitting for our trip to Yorkshire. Telling Tales brings us 10 childhood snapshots in the form of his famous monologues and Alan Bennett reminisces about his early years from school to undergrad life at Oxford. He grew up in Leeds where the children longed 'for German bombs to lend their city some wartime glamour' and even if you are way to young (I am thankfully) to know what that was like, he still never fails to strike a chord.
Download - £2.99

The Dinner - Herman Koch
I've never read anything by Herman Koch but this caught my eye and that is why it's on my list. Set on a summer's evening in Amsterdam, two couples dine out in a fashionable restaurant where their banal conversation covers for the unsaid. Each couple has a 15 year old son involved in a single horrific act and as dinner comes to an end the formality breaks down... I haven't read it but as I say it looks fascinating so that's why it's on my list!
Download - £7.99

Image coming soon
Frankie Boyle - If I Could Reach Out Through My TV and Strangle You, I Would
Frankie Boyle is not everyone's cup of tea but he is mine. He is controversial but is also thought provoking and very, very clever. This is a live recording from 2010 which I haven't heard yet but as I have never managed to see him live this is the next best thing...
Download - £1.49

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