Wednesday, 30 January 2013

FitFlop - made for men too!

Supertop in Inky Blue

My husband doesn't really like my FitFlops - he much prefers heels (like most men let's face it) but I fly in the face of his raised eyebrows and wear mine in Summer and Winter. The truth of the matter is he should also look to invest in a pair. Nine times out of ten he buys casual trainer type shoes and often after one wearing he's moaning... So I am doing this post to make him, and other men, aware that FitFlop make shoes for them too! So stop moaning about aching, squeezed tootsies - no one will ever know you're wearing the same shoe as your partner!

Here are some of the latest styles from the new Men's Spring/Summer range. And if you'd like to order a pair for your man or yourself I also have a Free Shipping code you can use when you order from the website - simply use FFBLOG4. (*Free standard delivery on purchases from valid from 29/01/2013 – midnight 05/02/2013. The code is not valid in conjunction with any other offer or promotion.)

Ike Boot in chocolate,

Flex  in Inky Blue

Supertone in Slate Grey

Flex Bungee in Cord

Many of these are on offer at the moment on the FitFlop site so check them out for some real bargains!

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